About school

Since 1950 the campus located on Pulická street no. 695 Dobruška, has taught high school and apprentices. During this time several thousand student have studied, mostly in technical fields applying to manufacturing organizations not only as laborers and technicians, but also executives and directors. The school was founded by the Ministry of Industry of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Education and the Education Authority and since 2001, the Hradec Králové Region.

On September first 2006, following in the tradition of previous periods, started work as a new legal entity, a Střední škola- Podorlické vzdělávací centrum, Dobruška. Gradually and especially with the help of local businesses has managed during the past ten years to stabilize and modernize the school and also has seen the implementation of many new projects. This has helped many students graduatets in many technical fields. Many of them have also successfully continued or are continuing their studies at university.

The founders of the school are again enterprises, companies and organizations involved in "Podorlické sdružení zaměstnavatelů". The school is thus a separate legal entity called. "Education legalentity", ie. NGO. Pupils therefore benefit even more than if it was just a state school, because they do not pay tuition, but also recieve other bonuses that prepares them for school and the future.

A considerable advantage for students in higher grades, their practices, which are held directly at workplaces in organizations. There they are able to meet the latest technologies, a team of employees and gain a real understanding of the actual work environment. At the same time also receiving considerable financial support from these organizations. For the three-year courses, pupils receive a monthly stipend from the funds of the Hradec Králové Region.

Public schools also offer retraining courses in engineering fields that are currently most in demand in the labor market. The university is also a welding school, which offers courses in four welding techniques with composition and official (former state) exams.

Today's Střední škola - Podorlické vzdělávací centrum, in the region holds an important place in the training of young people intechnical professions, preparing young people in the fields, where they are used without a problem and is an integral part of the secondary education of the Hradec Králové Region.


E-mail: info@sspvc.cz
Phone number: +420 491 618 930